America's Greatest Generation

Living Their Finest Hour:

World War II -- 1941 - 1945


Stories of Men and Women who experienced the greatest event in the history of the world -- World War II...As seen through their eyes and told in their words.


The pages that follow in the category of "Army Heroes" are dedicated to the men and women served with distinction in the forces of the U.S.(Military) Army.

They served in every theater of the war including North Africa, the Italian Peninsula, D-Day and the massive invasion of Normandy. Many served thought the arduous campaigns of France and continuing on into Germany. Still others fought in the campaigns in the Pacific theater including the bleak, terror filled early days of the war -- during the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Philippines, the Batan death march -- to mention but a few. Though less heralded, there were many who served throughout the war at home and were just as determined and dedicated in their efforts. Many of these helped train the men who went off to fight and others served less glamorous rolls in guarding vital military installations stateside.

These men and women were common citizen soldiers who were placed into heroic situations and performed their duties -- not for glory or rewards; but, because the job had to be done. They did their part. These citizen soldiers came from every walk of life in this vast country, putting on their uniform and marching off to an uncertain future. When the war finally ended, most returned to family and home...many did not. They all served -- with pride!

Not all came home boasting a chest full of medals -- nor all did heroic deeds on the great battlefields of the world. But each one was a hero in his own right all the same; enduring and dedicating himself to the task at hand. Thus, another small piece of the vast picture we called the "great war" was fulfilled. Another soldier had done his duty and could come home to his just rewards holding his head high in pride.

This series of pages will be a sounding board, have you, for the generation referred to as "America's Greatest Generation". Their generation, collectively, experienced the most turbulent and terrifying era in the history of this great nation.In their own way they played their small part in doing their part in World War II -- helping to shape the world and stopping the tide of world domination by some of histories greatest tyrants.

Heroes: the Army





Our Newest Story!

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Walter Holy

101st Airborne, 506th Regiment

I Company, Third Battalion

Don't Count Him Out Yet


image of NEWStory added on 28 February 2012


"...Halfway to our destination, at around four in the morning, a beat-up French aircraft carrier lost its steerage and plowed almost head-on into the McAndrew. The carrier cut through the starboard side of our bow at about a 20 degree angle, then continued on for another 75 feet until it exited on the McAndrew's port side..."


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Calvin E. McKenney

435th AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion

45th AAA Brigade

image of NEWStory added on 4 November 2008.


"...A shell exploded near me as I was diving into a bomb crater. The concussion hit me and I must have been blown about 20 feet in the air. I soon realized that something was wrong with my right leg. In my dazed condition, I found my glasses, gun and helmet and then I found I could not get up..."


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"A Soldier in the U. S. Army"
Peter George Koslow
1st Squad, Co. A., 96th Infantry Division

Story added on 14 July 2008.


"...It was a monster killing field a thousand yards long. As the battle raged, medics rushed to the wounded as more men moved up the slopes and into their places. More Japanese soldiers attacked, even through their own mortar fire, and surges of soldiers attacked each enemy in turn as churning shrapnel filled the air and punctured bodies..."


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"From Krefeld to Gardelegen"
Robert E. Herrick, 1st Lt.
Co. F., 405th Infantry, 102nd Division

Story added on 14 June 2008.


"...As I turned I was hit in the upper arm by rifle fire. The bullet traveled down the upper arm and exited after taking off my olecranon process (elbow). It was like being hit on your crazy bone with a ball bat. I let out a yelp and all I knew was I was down. The arm immediately went numb. The sniper was still firing at me and managed to throw dirt on me, but I was as low in the shell hole as possible..."


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"Memories of WWII," Roger E. Faris
Btry A., 792 AAA Weapons Btn


Story added on 9 July 2008.

"...I remember an air base that was captured and there were hundreds of light bombers lined up ready to fly. We got the job of destroying them. We just stuck bayonets in the gas tanks of about every third plane and then set them on fire. What a waste..."



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War Diary of Samuel O. Channell, PFC.,
Btry C., 516th F. A. Bn.


Story added on 11 April 2008.

"...We didn't do any celebrating on this Christmas like we used to back in the States. We were all very cold but all we thought of was to keep the gun firing at the Germans. This was Hitler's Christmas present adn I didn't mind giving it to him..."


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Arthur "Art" Roth's Account of Service with the 407th Infantry in World War II -- Addendum to the Haubenreich and Schaible Account


Story added on 8 April 2008.

"...all hell broke loose as shells began landing all around us. Fred Woelkers was hit almost at once. I ran to him to see what I could do, but Cpl. Sergio Francolini just behind us shouted ,"Roth, it's okay. I've got him. Keep going!"..."


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"Here is My Story": Robert F. Geesaman


Story added on 15 October 2007.

"...After leaving France we entered Germany and we halped to remove obstacles of the Siegfried Line that the Germans had built to keep troops from coming further into Germany..."


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"Once a Deadeye, Always a Deadeye": Memories of a 96th Division Veteran, William R. Hill


Story added on 1 August 2007.

"...Pop, a flare went up, and when it exploded it spread light on two figures I could see in the glare, ninety feet away. I swung my BAR up quickly to my shoulder, pulled the trigger and fired the entire magazine at them; and that was twenty rounds in six seconds. Wow..."


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Memories of Service in the Second Platoon, Co. K., 407th Infantry, 102d Division


Story added on 20 April 2007.

"... Bullets from long bursts of machine gun fire are now cracking all around us. Mortar shells begin exploding just behind us. Sergeant Radice, who is bringing up the rear after finally leaving the shelter of the house, is hit almost immediately. His body threshes convulsively as Greenfield runs to his side..."


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"My Time with the Ozarks," Albert Schrut
Anti-Tank Co., 407th Regiment, 102nd Infantry Division


Story added on 28 February 2007.

"... As we began to move up the hill silently, I could see some of our rifleman about a hundred feet behind us quietly slinking forward.  I knew they would be walking over my incinerated body in a short while..."


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Robert Enklemann
Co. H., 405th Regiment, 102nd Infantry Division


Story added on 28 February 2007.

"...About 15 minutes later I heard the explosion of the mines, ran back to the house where I had been sleeping in the basement and realized that had I not been awakened 15 minutes earlier I would have been BURIED ALIVE when the building caved into the basement..."


"Letters Home" William H. Hall
Battalion Surgeon, 406th Reg., 102th Infantry Division (Click on "NEW" for Story)


Story added on 7 January 2006.

"... I am, as you know, a battalion surgeon and have a little section of 21 men who work with me. Our works consists of treating the wounded man as soon as possible, fixing him up for transportation and then getting him back to where he can be properly cared for...."


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Stephen F. Tobia
Co. C., 1st Btn., 119th Reg., 30th Infantry Division


Story added on 4 August 2006.

"...shortly after this picture was taken...stepped on a "bouncing betty" and lived to tell about it -- it was a dud...."


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It's My Story and I'm Going to Stick With It
Thomas "Tom" P. O'Connor
405th AT Pltn, 3rd Btn., 405th Reg., 102nd Div.


Story added on 4 May 2006.

"...Whenever we'd get shelled everyone would drop the stretcher and head for the nearest shell hole. I was so tired I would take these opportunities to get my breath and kneel right at the head of the wounded guy I was carrying saying Hail Marys..."


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Donald C. Boyd's World War II Story
32nd "Red Arrow" Division,
128th Infantry, Cannon Co.



Story added on 11 April 2006.


"...Harper said "I saw him first," raised his B.A.R. and fired the whole clip. The 1st round hit him in his left foot and some of the following rounds tore through his body, killing him instantly..."


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"The Winter of 1944"
Robert B. Ward, Co. E., 407th Regiment
102nd Infantry Division

Story added on 30 June 2005.


"...The 88s fired with a muzzle velocity greater than the speed of sound. When you heard a shell scream it had already gone past. The 88 could fire up in the air or fire flat trajectory..."


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"Message for the General"
Martin J. "Mike" Maloney

Story added on 1 June 2005.


"...Maloney stepped out of the jeep and reminded the guards of protocol. Top-secret, urgent messages only go to the addressee-especially when they're for the general..."


Nicholas L. "Nick" Bonilla
502nd PAR, 101st Airborne Division
"Love, Honor, and Cherish"...
A Book of Letters from Two Lovers
Caught Up in World War II

Story added on 7 March 2005.


"...Do you remember the night before we were married? I said terrible things to you, but you didn't say a word. I wanted you to despise me so much that you wouldn't marry me, a soldier, might ruin your life..."


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157th Combat Engineer Battalion: History

Story added on 26 May 2005.


"...The 157th Engineers left Southampton, England and landed at Utah Beach, Normandy, France on June 25, 1944. It served in France until March 1945 and subsequently served in Germany and Austria...."


IMAGE of 102nd Infantry Division

In Honor of the men who served in the
102d Infantry Division,

60th Anniversary
the Roer River Crossing

Added on 16 February 2005.

Crossing the Roer River: Personal Accounts


"...The Jerrys had the place zeroed in and big artillery shells started dropping around us. A big one fell about 50 yards in front of me and I could hear screaming and moaning of the wounded. Another fell much closer and it seemed everyone was hit. All around us medics, engineers, and infantrymen lay dead or wounded. Galloway was beside me when he was hit in the hip and the foot..."

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Carl Heintze
"The Forest"...A Book on the Huertgen Forest
Co. L., 39th Reg., 9th Division

Story added on 14 February 2005.


"...I was sent back to L Company and was back two days when I was wounded in an all-day company strength combat patrol Jan. 1, 1945..."


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Roy L. Gray
"The First Few Days of Combat for A Young Soldier in 1944"
Co. B., 399th Reg., 100th Division

Story added on 6 February 2005.


"...Then "Look out! Grenade"! It burst just a few feet behind me . Not hit yet, well something was felt in my pants, but it wasn't blood. Then someone up ahead of me hollered out for a pair of nippers and I crawled forward and passed them to them..."


Our Largest Section of War Stories!

and Growing!


IMAGE of 102nd Infantry Division


We Have Just Added Some
New Stories!


Our LARGEST Section of Stories
AND Still Growing!!!!

Stories of the 102d Infantry Division

Additional Kitchen Histories from
the Men Who Lived Them

Now ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE Stories and Growing!!!

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Stories of the Men of the
102d Infantry Division

Stories Added on 30 June 2005.

Look to this NEW Section of World War II Stories -- In Their Words for a new series of oral histories of the men who served in the various units to make up the 102d Infantry Division.

This is a NEW and exciting section. We know that you will enjoy reading these new stories written by the men who made history in their exploits as the 102d Division moved into Germany in the latter part of 1944 and into 1945.

We are proud to place these stories as a sequel to the series of stories we have just completed of Co. F., 405th Infanty Regiment (2nd Battalion) -- Those Damn Doggies in F.


Robert Rogge
90th Infantry Division
Exerpt of book: Fearsome Battle

Story added on 23 November 2004.

This exerpt is from the book, entitled, Fearsome Battle, written by Robert Rogge, an American serving in the 3rd Canadian Division during the war. The book is written in the third person and is riviting!

"...The Panther crept forward, engine roaring, invulnerable, crushing stone and timber in its way. Gray and brown and green, dented and scarred and horrifyingly majestic, the tank lumbered down the street, a wall of doom, bullets pouring from it..."


Herbert Stanley Seaman
63rd Field Artillery Battalion, Battery C
"WWII Japanese Flag"

Added on 15 October 2004.


"... He was wounded when a bomb exploded nearby during the attack and spent six months recouperating from his wounds.

After recovering from his wounds, Herbert served in the following campaigns: New Guinea, the Southern Philippines and Luzon...."


James C. Watson
"A True American Hero"
90th Infantry Division

Story added on 24 September 2004.


"...Another barrage knocked out my Bazooka man and another ammo bearer. About an hour later a white phosphorous shell burnt hell out of my first and second gunners. Then I had to take over the gun...."


Jerome J. Levitt
"War Memories"
86th Infantry Division

Story added on 15 September 2004.

"...Later I learned he was shot in the leg! I believe it was on D-Day but he was standing in water and he didn't even feel it. The bullet went right through his leg and when he came out of the water he saw the blood. I'm sure he just sprinkled some Sulfa Powder on it and the wound healed..."


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John G. Lengyel
"Memories from My 1946 Diary"
Co. C., 405th Reg., 102nd Division

Story added on 15 September 2004.


"...Suddenly a shell hit between myself "Tag" and Sheldon who were on both sides of me. All of us were thrown up in the air. Within a hot smell, with my head and helmet stuck in a mud. I was afraid to look. I was stunned and felt as if my feet were blown off!..."


image of american flag

Parke G. Hoover
"War Memories"
Co. F., 405th Reg.
102nd Infantry Division

Story added on 15 September 2004.

"...On November 23, 1944 we were just outside the German town of Immendorf, near the Siegfried Line of pillboxes, when I was hit in the back of the leg late at night..."


An Updated Selection!

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Battlefield Art
Selection of Battlefield Art
by Lt. Ben D. "Stookie" Allen

Story added on 21 August 2004.

This page has been compiled from a series of artwork images created during the war by Lt. Stookie Allen of the 1106th Combat Engineers. Originally the artwork depicted here was in our section devoted to the men of the 102nd Division. Now the artwork sellections have been added to and have their own page. This page continues to grow with new additions sent to us on a regular basis.


Julius S. Hass
Co. F., 407th Regiment, 2nd Battalion,
102th Infantry Division
The Search for Julius S. Hass

Story added on 26 July 2004.

"...Company F was soon pinned down by heavy fire coming from Korrezig within the zone of the advance of about five hundred yards..."


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William F. Bannister
269th Field Artillery Battalion
One of My Life's Greatest Experiences

Story added on 12 July 2004.

"...the road, without exception, was completely littered with destroyed German trucks, tanks and other junk. The wrecked equipment seemed to be 90% German and 10% GI..."



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Lester Leonard McLean
618th Ordnance Ammunition Co.
6th Engineer Special Brigade
74th Ordnance
29th Infantry Division

Story added on 14 June 2004.

"...According to my grandfather, artillery shells landed and exploded to the left and to the right of his landing craft. He told my dad, "I just knew the next one would hit us. All I could do was pray..."


A Powerful and Must Read Account of Man's Inhumanity to Man! This Moving Story of Hardship and Survival was Written by a Veteran Who Spent 2 1/2 Years as a POW!

Gage, Arthur F.
"My Army and POW Experience"
18th Infantry Regiment
1st Infantry Division

Story added on 19 April 2004.

"...The camp at Capua, Italy was a hovel. Typhus, dysentery, starvation and filth were its trademarks. Many of the prisoners slept on the ground with no means to keep warm and no food. The Italians viewed this human suffering with casual indifference. The Italian doctors would have been more at home in a butcher shop. Wounds were allowed to fester and the ugly sight and smell of gangrene were everywhere. Prisoners were dying of their horrible wounds and lack of medical attention..."



image of american flag

Clem Lane, Jr., T/Sgt.
Co. I.,184th Infantry Regiment,
7th Infantry Division

Story added on 13 April 2004.

"...Leaping from his foxhole, he sprinted through the shrapnel to the crest of a ridge where he had perfect view of the charging Japs. From this point he directed the fire of his mortars until the attack was broken..."



image of Orey L. Caldwell

Orey Lee Caldwell, T/Sgt.
Co. I., 184th Infantry Regiment,
7th Infantry Division

Story added on 15 March 2004.

"...I was hit in the right arm by machine gun fire. Lt. Leonard, Sgt Stacy, and PFC Usry and I ran into a vacated Jap pillbox to get out of the line of fire. They put a tourniquet on my arm to try to stop the bleeding, but couldn't stop it. A major artery in my arm had been hit. I was bleeding to death. The blood had filled my boots and I was loosing color fast..."




image of Mervan Foutz

Mervan "Jack" Foutz,
PFC. Co. B.,516th Field
Artillery Battalion,
1st & 9th U. S. Army

Story added on 15 March 2004.

A photographis essay devoted to Mervan "Jack" Foutz contributed by his daughter.This page is an addition to the page entitled: History of Co. B., 516th Field Artillery Battalion.



image of e l souder

Edward L. Souder,
Co. F., 405th Regiment.,
102nd Infantry Division:
November 1944 Letters Home

Stories Added on 24 February 2004.

"...There is no athiest in any foxhole. Had hoped to have some wine with it when I ate it but when Jerry is throwing a Panzer division at you, you don't have much to drink for pleasure around. So it goes. I got out without a scratch, had a radio shot off my back & had German 88's fired at my little radio ariel point blank but none hit in two days..."



A Conversation with
Lyle Chester Fillhard
Regarding His Military Service

Stories Added on 2 February 2004.

"...They arrived in Paris right behind General Patten and the 3rd Army. At Aachen, Germany they went briefly into Holland where they built a lot of bridges. Lyle was involved in the "Battle of the Bulge" at Bastogne, Belgium. There were 178 men in his Company and on Christmas Eve they could only account for 37 men..."



image of american flag

The Letter Home
by Ernest T. "Babe" Neil
70th Tank Battalion,
European Theater

Stories Added on 2 February 2004.

"...On my anniversary they made the big attack, sending over around two thousand bombers, we wre just back of the lines and they started dropping them a hell of a lot of them fell short and it was a very unpleasant experience the concussion was really some thing you could feel it all over your body like some one slapping you,..."



image of harold whiting, sr.

Harold Whiting, Sr.,
157th Engineer Combat Btn.
World War II As Seen
by an 18 Year Old Soldier

Stories Added on 12 January 2004.

"...We stayed in trenches in a field for several days. Between the American and the German artillery, we had one fellow who made jokes - no matter where. When a German shell went over he would say, "Hear that shell? It says you ain't going home." Then when an American shell went over, he would say, "That one says the hell I ain't!!!..."



image of american flag

Battlefield Art: the Roer River Crossing

image of NEWUpdated on 20 December 2003.

Additional information has been added which includes material about the 663rd Topographic Engineers. The material was contributed by a former member of the 663rd, Mr. Paul Bleier.

We have just added a couple of "Battlefield Art" renderings done by a Lt. Skookie Allen. The artwork depicts the river crossing as well as a battlefield map of the theater of operations. Check it out!



image of e l souder

Edward L. Souder:
Experiences and Diary

image of NEW
Stories Added on 18 December 2003.

"...A new page that continues the saga of Edward L. Souder's story. This NEW page deals with Ed's experiences during his collect deferrment days prior to his being drafted and his basic training diary entries kept until his being shipped over seas and into combat..."





Warren Varney:
1st Armored Division: POW

image of NEW
Stories Added on 3 November 2003.

"...He lived as a POW for 27 months, or as he puts it, "a personal guest of Hitler" in prisons and work camps in Germany, working on building a power plant brick-by-brick, carrying bricks on his back up a ladder to build a smoke stack..."





Exciting Accounts of the Huertgen Forest Campaign in 1944-1945. Read Accounts of BOTH Sides from Survivors who Lived it.

Joseph Salzano:
8th Infantry Division,

13th Regiment

Stories Updated on 30 September 2003.

"...I always felt a twinge of sadness when a soldier of either side was killed knowing that their families did not know that on this day their relative was no more. And how they passed was also disturbing..."

47th Volks Grenadier Division

at the Western Front

Stories Updated on 20 October 2003.

The following account is unique. Besides Mr. Salzano recalling his experiences while serving the Huertgen Forest Campaign, Mr. Salzano has graciously allowed us to place a number of additional pages of accounts of these horrendous engagements as viewed from the German side including accounts by civilians and soldiers alike.

This first section contains TWENTY-SIX accounts by soldiers amd civilians who were a part the actions of the Huertgen Forest Campaign.

47th Volks Grenadier Division
at the Western Front
Updated on 20 October 2003...TWELVE New Stories

image of NEWA Chronicle
     Experiences of Johann Trostorf &
Wilhelm Brvenich
Updated on 20 October 2003...FOUR New Stories

image of NEWMemories of Hubert Gees
     Selections from the History of 363rd      Infantry Division

image of NEWMiscellaneous German Units
Updated on 20 October 2003...FOUR New Stories

image of NEWGerman Paratroopers
Updated on 20 October 2003...SIX New Stories

Most interesting reading!



Joseph F. Englert:
3rd Infantry Division,
Co. E., 2nd Battalion, 7th Regiment
"My Memories of World War II"

image of NEWStories Added on 6 September 2003.

"...That is when I saw a German grenade (potato masher) come through the opening. I yelled grenade and ran away from it. I ran right into another that came in through another opening and was hit in the face. I put my hand up to my face and could feel my right eyeball and said to myself "There goes my eye."



image of lame duck

Unofficial History:
516th Field Artillery Battalion,
Battery "B"

Stories Added on 30 July 2003.

This page gives the "unofficial history" of Battery "B" of the 516th Field Artillery and lists many of the men who served in this unit. The unit served in the European Theater of Operations.


We Need
Your Help
In Locating This Stolen War Trophy!

IMAGE of 102nd Infantry Division


"Have You Seen This Stolen Nazi Flag?"
Added on 10 July 2003.

"...The Nazi flag was the usual RED background with a white center and in the center of the white was a black Nazi symbol -- the Z and bar this made a place about 10 inches round that had the signatures and most of these were signed with a pen and India ink so it wouldn't fade or wash off. There were a number of bullet holes and some holes caused by shell fragments. So It was official. It had a rope running through some edge and that was cut and frayed and torn..."



IMAGE of 102nd Infantry Division

The ROSTER of Co. F., 405th Regiment

Added on 30 June 2003.

"...We have just added the Honor Roll and Combat Roster of the men who served in Co. F. of the 405th Regiment. The roster also includes the "Taps" dates for former members of Co. F..."



image of american flag

The Brophy Tapes:
James J. "Jim" Brophy,

Co. F., 405th Reg.

Story Added on 23 June 2003.

"... Next instant, I thought I had got to get rid of my equipment I had on -- a pack, a combat pack which was raincoat and rations and mess kit and stuff, the entrenching tool and I had an ammo bag. Had a sweater in it, rifle grenades, rifle grenade launcher and I had several bandoleers of ammunition, some BAR ammunition in BAR magazines as I remember it..."



image of american flag

Battlefield Art: the Roer River Crossing

Updated on 20 December 2003.

We have just added a couple of "Battlefield Art" renderings done by a Lt. Skookie Allen. The artwork depicts the river crossing as well as a battlefield map of the theater of operations. Check it out!



image of american flag

What is a Veteran?

Added on 19 November 2002

A tribute: a simple, but poignant salute to the Veteran... lest we forget the sacrifices that they made in our name.

IMAGE of 102nd Infantry Division

Stories of
the Men of Co. F.,

405th Regiment,
102nd Division (2nd Battn)

Stories Added on 10 October 2002.

"A special tribute to the men of this unit that were some of the first Americans to enter Germany. Currently we have some twenty-six stories in this ONE section."



image of e l souder

Updated! 10 October 2002

Check Out the Latest NEW Pages Just Added! Over the last couple of weeks, we have been busy compiling, editing and placing the following Soldier's Tribute to the Men of Co. F., 405th Regiment.

This new group of TWENTY-SIX stories include stories written by men who served in Co. F., 405th Regiment. Stories range from short letters to stories many pages in length. Each man tells his story in stark detail. We are extremely proud to add the following stories to our growing list of excellent stories.

We have just finished additional pages in this unique section. These pages deal with events that tie into the history of this American unit in Germany and are worthy of taking time to look over. The main linked pages are listed below...

A Trubute to the Men of:
Co. F., 405th Regiment,
102nd Division, (2nd Battalion),
U. S. Army

Story Added on 1 October 2002

"...The night was freezing and there was a brilliant moon. As we were talking we heard the roar of a plane and out of the darkness a German bomber flew directly over us at an altitude of about 30 feet. The suddenness scared the hell out of us and we ducked after the plane has already passed us. About a half hour later a hail of machine gun bullets started hitting the building where we were standing...."

The Roer River Crossing:
February 23, 1945

Story Added on 16 September 2002

"...This page is loaded with images and narrative relating the events of the night of February 23, 1945 as the American army crossed the flooded Roer River into Germany with the Germans ready and waiting..."

The MEN of Fox Company

Story Added on 5 October 2002

"...I am personally proud of this page for it contains a list of the men [alphabetically arranged] of Fox Company. The list was compiled from the stories that were submitted by members of Fox Company..."

"Yank -- The Army Weekly":
the German Atrocities

Story Added on 10 October 2002

"...The latest and final installment of the saga of Fox Company. This pages deals with the horror found by the advancing American troops and a photo essay by Yank magazine. This page was specifically requested to be added by the contributor of this project -- Edward L. Souder. It makes for a very powerful statement, indeed!..."



IMAGE of 102nd Infantry Division

Bob Herrick, 2nd Lt.,
Co. F., 405th Reg.:
From the Roer to the Rhine

Story Added on 16 September 2002.

"...Just before we entered the village, the Germans started pouring artillery rounds on the small launching site and the village were they knew there would be a concentration of Americans. Crossing a regiment at such a restricted known site invited a great and accurate shelling which we received and cost the 405th Regiment over 50% casualties earning a Presidential Unit Citation for that days work..."



IMAGE of 102nd Infantry Division

Jim Hansen, Sgt., 2nd Lt.
Co. F., 405th Reg.:
Jim Hansen Remembers

Story Added on 16 September 2002.

"...By this time the Germans were laying down their own barrage on our side of the river. During the winter they had zeroed in on every possible crossing site too. We were in one of those spots. I have great admiration for those Combat engineers as they had to work in spite of the shelling. Many were already lying along the road, in the mud, as we passed by. Hundreds were dead..."



IMAGE of 102nd Infantry Division

Gene Greenburg, Sgt.
Co. F., 405th Reg.:
Gene's World War II Diary

Story Added on 16 September 2002.

"...German and Yank artillery plus Tiger tank machine gunfire made it very uncomfortable for us. I heard a whistling noise and noticed a five inch piece of shrapnel buried a few feet from by head. Yank artillery started laying white phosphorous around us which was wicked. A heavy rain was making everyone cheerful..."



image of american flag

John Daniel Roesner, PFC.
Co. F., 35th Div.,

130th Field Arty Reg.,
U. S. Army

Story Added on 27 August 2002

"...He [John D.] left for the E.T.O. from Camp Miles Standish on the Santa Rosa in December 1944. Arrived in France, December 1944. Joined up at Metz, France. Was shipped via 40&8 through Holland, and Belgium..."

image of e l souder

Edward L. Souder
PFC, Co. F., 405th Reg.

102nd Div. (2nd Battn).
U. S. Army

Story Added on 24 August 2002

"...The moon was just east of the Zenith making it hard to see. Everything was deathly still and the slop of mud was terribly loud as we walked. We cleared the outer village and walking cautiously moved out. At the next junction I thought I heard something so stopped and listened, then moved ahead. Soon something settled in a ditch. I was afraid to stop and afraid to go on so I stood upright and moved slowly ahead..."



image of john p redmond

John Paul Redmond
1st Sergt., Co. A.
49th Signal Corps,
Heavy Construction Battn.
U. S. Army

Story Added on 24 June 2002

"...This Company was selected for a very important assignment: the installation of a large communication system for the Navy under Admiral Nimitz and the 20th Air Force under the command of General Spaatz..."



image of robert l rutledge

Robert Lee Rutledge
48th Armored Infantry Battalion,

7th Armored Divsion,
European Theater of Operations

Story Added on 12 June 2002

"...At the time your husband was killed, we were fighting an intense action against a brutal attack by two German Divisions in the vicinity of Meijel, Holland. Naturally, in the face of such an assault, we were forced to give some ground..."



image of russell gorham

Russel Gorham
"H" Co., 137th Infantry Regiment

35th Infantry Division
U. S. Army

Story Added on 23 April 2002

"...As the Yanks were working through a small patch of woods, Gorham noticed two Nazi soldiers run into a barn. The alert Yank dashed over to the barn, entered and found the Germans squirming their way into a hay pile. When gorham poked the Nazis with his rifle, the Germans hastily came to their feet and were captured..."



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R. J. Rice:
834th Engineer Bn (Aviation)

European Theater of Operations
U. S. Army

Story Added on 1 January 2002

"...At that time, after recon, we found a site where we built an emergency landing strip, later designated E-1 which was operative on the 8th of June and from which the first allied planes landed and took of since the fall of France..."



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Lacho Montez
Co. F., 128th Infantry Regiment

32nd Infantry Division, Leyte
U. S. Army

Story Added on 21 December 2001

"...They caught us in the open. The Lieutenant was one of the first to get killed. My Chicano buddy was killed in this attack also. That was his first day in combat and his last. I guess he got his wish about not going home all scarred from his burns..."

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Name Withheld by Request
U. S. Army Medic

35th Infantry Division
France, U. S. Army

Story Added on 11 August 2001

"...When Sgt. McDonald had been earlier wounded, I had gone to attend his wounds. I had only gone a few feet forward when German artillery shells began falling all around us -- taking out four men (KIA?) and wounding me in the leg. The Germans must have had artillery spotters and they had us zeroed in on our position..."


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Mac Evans
116th Infantry Regiment
29th Division

D-Day, June 6, 1944

Story Added on 17 July 2001

"Truthfully now, if I could have run, I believe I would have," Evans said. "But there was nowhere to go. Forward was into enemy territory. Backward was into the water. Right and left, there was just chaos all up and down the beach - people dying, burning vehicles, weapons full of sand, wounded men, the dead. There were the dead, the dead floating in the water, the dead the waves would deposit on shore. There were dead all over."

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Paul Bouchereau
508th Parachute Regiment

82nd Airborne Division
D-Day, June 6, 1944

Story Added on 17 July 2001

"...Then a German soldier came over, rolled me onto my back, cocked his rifle and put the end about 6 inches from my head," Bouchereau said. I literally looked down the barrel of a Mauser rifle. What I did was, I prayed. I must have set an all-time speed record saying the rosary..."

Jacques Fuselier
Schofield Barracks
Wheeler Field

Oahu, Hawaii
Sunday December 7, 1941

Story Added on 17 July 2001

"...Jacques recalls while in line, a Japanese plane was flying directly overhead, so low in fact, that he felt that he could almost reach out and touch it. He thought it odd, and as it passed overhead, the gunner in the rear, waved merrily to the men on the ground -- while at the same time, the pilot began firing at the massed soldiers gathered at Schofield Barracks..."

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